Aksel Jensen

Technical Designer



Lead Designer & Technical Director

  • Open world-type game

  • Lead Designer

  • Technical implementation

  • Steam integration

  • Unreal Engine 4

Copoka is a free-roaming exploration game where the player assumes the role of a bird trying to collect trinkets for it's nest in a totalitarian city-state. Throughout their journeys the players will overhear dissenting rebels and proud soldiers as they go through their daily lives.

Copoka started as a student project where the vast majority of the content was finished during a 10 week period. It later debuted in the Humble Monthly bundle of July 2016. In February 2017 Copoka was made available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Aside from being one of the three original group members I worked on Copoka as lead designer and technical director. I had a hand in many aspects of the game, especially in technical implementation including coding and bug fixing.

My previous experience working with the Unreal Engine was quite valuable in making the core product ready in just 9 weeks during the initial student project and the polish that went into the game once the academic work was finished. Moreover I was also part of the marketing team and social media coverage.


About Me

I've been a fan of games ever since I was a young child, coupled with my interest in general computer tech. I've carved a path as a knowledgeable computer technician with an aptitude for learning while still maintaining a deep passion for games, what makes them work and how they become more enjoyable.

I've spent the last couple of years learning how to make games on a practical level, including studying game design at University of Skövde as well as participating in game jams, personal projects, prototypes and launching a game on Steam and the Humble Monthly Bundle.

In my free time I like to spend with my friends and pets, play games and plan for the next session in a long running tabletop roleplaying campaign.


Previous experiences

Unreal Engine 4

Made several prototypes and a fully released game. Added Steam integration for Copoka. Very familiar with Blueprints visual scripting.


Made several smaller games in it, mostly 2D. Also used for smaller personal projects such as procedural terrain generation.


Several years of experience using, running and setting up wikis for work, collaborations and personal projects.


I have mostly used it for Unity3D with the occassional simpler programs. 


I am familiar with the language and have also used it for the very macro heavy integration in Unreal Engine.

Technical Troubleshooting

Years of experience servicing both front and back end systems in a complex corporate environment including. This has led me to have a keen sense of direction when trying to root out bugs and errors, a skill that has translated well into software development.

Potion Clash


Made during 48-hour Ludum Dare #35 game jam Potion Clash is a 2-4 player arena brawler where players tries to turn their opponents into tomatoes in effort to squash them beneath their feet.

During the 48 hour game jam I was in charge of design including the level and effects. It was the first game jam for some of our team members but we ended up placing 1st by popular vote at the local game jam!

  • 48-hour game jam

  • Action brawler

  • Unity3D

  • Sweden Game Jam #4 winner


May I have This Dance?

Don't loose your face at the Masquerade

May I Have This Dance? is a 2-player competitive card game where the players need to work together until they know just enough about their partner's secret identity to betray them.

Put on your mask

When the game begins each player draws a role card that will determine their win condition and what they should be striving for. The queens wish to dance well with their favorite dance, the King just wants to dance, the Jester wishes to make a fool our of themselves and the Jack... Well, the Jack wasn't actually invited and wants to see the others loose.


During each round both players are given a suite of dance cards, all of them either a waltz or tango card and of different value. Each round a new piece of music is played, and the players must work together to beat the music. But depending on what role they have it's not a given that their partner wants to actually beat the challenge.

Outwit your partner

Only by studying your partner's moves and behaviour is a player able to win the game. The win condition changes based on who their opponent is, and if they're completely sure who it is they may unmask them in an attempt to win completely. However, bamboozling your partner into guessing incorrectly will cause them to forfeit the game, making you the victor.

Face Cards



A VR shooting range


Conceived during a VR game jam VaderSpud arms you with a variety of weapons and pits you in an arena against waves of invading potatoes.

As this was the first VR project for everyone in the team many hours were spent on learning how to make an experience for the HTC Vive that those playing would feel comfortable with.

  • Virtual reality

  • Wave based shooter

  • 48-hour game jam

  • Unity3D